Wires Are Lame

This indispensable item are the Powerbeats Wireless Headphones. They are black, wireless in-ear headphones that have a wrap around your ear and then a strap that connects the headphones together around your neck.

The most essential aspect of these headphones are their user-friendliness. There are almost no steps to connecting and disconnecting these headphones to your computer, phone, etc. Simply turn on the headphones, and turn on the Bluetooth on your device and you’ll be connected.

The biggest benefit of this product is the ease with which you leisurely listen to music throughout your entire day. Whether you’re working out, studying, cooking or cleaning you can always listen to music that can mellow you out, pump you up, or help you focus.

These headphones alleviates the 50 year long pain of being connected to whatever device you’re listening to. Once you go from wired headphones to wireless headphones your life will forever be changed and you’ll never go back. Welcome to 2017. While these aren’t the first wireless headphones ever made, they are the best and highest quality.

There are many benefits to the Beats headphones but some of them are: high quality voice and deep bass sounds to get the best listening experience, 15 min charge per 3 hours of listening to rid yourself of constantly having to charge your headphones, and an adjustable strap so you can either make them more comfortable or make them more sturdy.



This challenge was actually a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be. For this assignment we were required to choose an item out of our backpack or purse and create a product description for it. We were asked to introduce our product and then answer five questions about it:

1. How would you describe the product?

2. What’s unique/special about this product?

3. What big benefit does it provide?

4. What pain does it alleviate?

5. What features are included and what are the benefits of each?

When I first read these questions I thought it would be a breeze but then once you actually get down to writing them, I found it hard to be creative and honestly to even find things to write about. The silver lining for me was how much I actually do use this product and how simple and great they are… it became really easy to find good things to say. It also dawned on me how little I actually think about the individual aspects of the products I use and their individual benefits. To do this assignment I tried to turn myself into a marketing manager and thought what I would want said about this product on a commercial or some kind of advertisement.

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