The Porch

For this assignment, I am required to build engagement a tweet for a specific brand.

The brand I chose is a new restaurant that Ryan Broyles is opening up on campus corner and the objective is to get people to come to the grand opening and make the location popular.

The tweet: The Porch opening August 31st! Show us you retweeted this tweet and get 1/2 off your order!

The potential artwork would be a picture of the modern look of the inside of the store with the different menu items that are available.

The audience would be mostly OU students and faculty but also anyone that lives within 10 miles of campus. I used keyword searching with words such as food, campus corner, drinks, etc. and determined my audience to be between 5,000-10,000.

The budget for this ad will be $5 a day until August 31st.

The porch

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