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I don’t see as much value in the Facebook and Twitter ad tools as I think I was supposed to. They’re definitely interesting to see how many people you might be reaching but in my opinion your ad is going to reach whoever it is going to reach regardless of if you know about it or not. The market size did end up surprising me just because it’s crazy to see how many people you can reach just based on keywords and I was also surprised at how many people can be reached within 10 miles of Norman. I already understood what a market analysis entailed so I was aware of the appropriate messaging. Social media advertising is quite possibly the most effective form of advertising in today’s culture. It’s much more interactive and is easier to see what your friends like or are retweeting. Success in social media would be somewhat hard to gauge but definitely likes and retweets and things of that nature would be a good start. The limitations of social media in terms of advertising make everything simpler and more streamlined but there are definitely times where you would want to use more than 140 characters, for example. There’s also very limited editing techniques.

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