Summary of Learning

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What I chose to do for this assignment is not what I feel like other people would’ve done. For this assignment I was supposed to create a “summary of learning” and turn that into some sort of project that encompasses what I’ve learned from this class. And what I’ve learned from this class is how much I enjoy learning about and mastering all the different mediums that I can. I’ve learned that I love to create. And that I will try anything. So for this assignment I just decided to do one of the things I hadn’t done yet and create an animation. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this program before because my presentations throughout school would’ve been 1000x better. I didn’t want to make this project about me because that’s not what I feel like I’ve learned this summer so I just decided to make it about something I want to do: travel the world.

The format of this course was great. It’s awesome to be able to get away from the books for once and just get to be creative. It was also really cool that we had full reign over what we wanted to do with each project. Journaling every week was definitely very different for me because as a journalism major, I write constantly. But I never write about myself or my thoughts or feelings and that was very interesting… cathartic I’d say. I grew a lot mainly just from an ability standpoint. I feel so much more capable of making stuff in situations where I would need to. I want to start creating logos and title sequences and things like that.

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