Uh wow. This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I was excited to do this exercise because knowing how to do something like this might seem kinda simple, but seems very applicable in a lot of situations whether you’re working with a magazine or a newspaper or online; the list goes on. I wanted to do a Donald Trump picture because I think, as most people do, he is extremely polarizing. Many of the photos I chose were solid backgrounds, just not white. Suffice it to say the magic wand was not a fan of that. I finally found one that I liked and even though the picture quality wasn’t great; I think it worked okay. My first idea was to have the writing be all the bad things people have been saying about the president over the last 6 months but when I google “bad things people have said about Donald Trump” the only things it pulls are things like “11 shocking things Donald Trump said during his campaign”….. Shocker right? Anyway once I finally figured out what to do it became decently easy to make it look decent, definitely not my best work.

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