How far would you go?

For this assignment I was asked to choose a brand a tell a compelling story about that brand in a promotional sense. I didn’t respond super well to what I was asked to do, I racked my brain for hours trying to come up with something I could do with Budweiser and then my dad who was trying to help me said, “why don’t you just go get one?” to which I replied, “thanks for the idea Pops.” So my idea took off from there and I decided to do a fast forward version of me going somewhere decently far in order to get some beer to show I would go pretty far to get a Bud. I reacted even better with what I actually did. I’m still an extreme amateur but I think it turned out very good and entertaining almost like a movie trailer. Simplicity always speaks to me and I tried to keep this very simple as well. I think I reacted the way I did to this assignment because I expect a lot out of myself and I know how much I like to do creative things like this and that my potential is really high. So when I’m faced with a difficult task I tend to do well in those situations.


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