This semester was a huge learning experience for me. Looking back through my old posts it’s funny seeing how I was feeling or what I was thinking in those specific times that I created those projects. It’s also really awesome to see how much better my work got as the semester went on and how much more comfortable I got with creating things. I look at some of the first assignments I did and think, “Wow I could’ve done that so much better.” But that’s to be expected. What I’m most proud of is how good I feel like I’ve gotten at all this. It’s crazy to see something you made and feel like you could see that on an actual billboard. For example, the project where I had to make a picture look like it had an instagram filter on it, that one was super difficult for me and also didn’t turn out very good. I spent so much time on it and it ended up looking barely any different. For another example, the ad campaign assignment was very fun and somewhat easy for me once I got the ball rolling. It honestly made me feel like doing that as a job would be something I would enjoy and be really good at.

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