Dining Room Minus the Dining

I am sitting in a big, fluffy leather chair inside my 1920’s house. The walls are hard and shiny from coat after coat of new paint over the years. There is a piano to my right that we bought a couple years ago to learn how to play; it doesn’t play very well. There’s a dining room table in front of me that I stole from my dad’s patio that all of my roommates sit at but I have never found it comfortable. It is cluttered with random items from the last few years of our lives. There is a very familiar smell, but I can’t quite put my finger on what that smell is. It is familiar in a way of this is where I live but is not my home.


For this assignment we were asked to “describe our environment.” There weren’t very many strict instructions on how we were supposed to describe our environment so I did a little bit of a literal approach mixed with a historic approach where I talked about each item literally and then told a little about each item to give a feel of how I got to be here. What was weird about doing this assignment is that it made me think about how long we’ve had some of these things and how long I’ve lived in this house with some of my friends. A little depressing in a way but maybe also somewhat nostalgic, making me wish for an easier and simpler time.

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