2011 Jeep Patriot

Why a 2011 Jeep Patriot? I’ll tell you why. This Jeep Patriot is black, the only color a car should ever be. It’s a perfect size, not too big not too small. It has decently low mileage, around 50,000 miles or so. It’s not too new to where you’ll look like a snob, but it’s also not too old to make people you think you bought it with one paycheck from Applebee’s. It has a perfect amount of cargo room, a luggage rack on top that has never been used because let’s face it, no one uses luggage racks. I have taken such good care of this care that you’ll ask yourself is it a 2017 or a 2018.


This challenge was unsurprisingly the easiest of the three that I chose. Mostly because I probably spend about as much time in my car as I do my house, so I know every square inch of that car. I also have a strong love for cars. It was quite easy to just list out the positive things that have to do with my car. It honestly would’ve maybe been easier to list out the things that were wrong with my car, but obviously that’s not something I would put in an ad.

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